What are Kegels and why you should be doing them

What Are Kegels and Why They Should be Part of Your Daily Routine

Sure, you may go to the gym every day to strengthen your biceps, pectorals, and glutes, but have you ever given your pelvic floor muscles a workout? Don’t know the what, where, and how of your pelvic muscles? Here’s all you need to know. Your partner will thank you later!

Kegels are pelvic muscle exercises that maintain and improve the functioning of your bowel and bladder. Right now, you’re probably thinking, “Great! I’m reading about how to upgrade my toilet skills. I’m good in that department. Thanks.”

As they like to say in infomercials, “But wait! There’s more.” Kegels have the potential to up your performance and pleasure in the bedroom too. Now, do we have your attention?

The Muscles

Three primary muscles are involved in a Kegel workout. The bulbocavernosus (BC), pubococcygeus (PC), and iliococcygeus (IC) muscles are the cores of your Kegel exercises. Each has a specific role, but these muscles comprise your pelvic floor. Your BC is the major muscle used in Kegels, with the PC and IC playing complementary roles.

Find your Kegel muscles by stopping urination during mid-stream. That’s your pelvic floor muscles at work. This part of the exercise is only a fact-finding mission and not recommended as a regular practice.

The Exercises

Now that we know what muscles need a workout and can feel them in action, let’s put them to work. While doing these exercises, don’t hold your breath, be sure to isolate the correct muscle, and avoid flexing your abdomen, thighs, or glutes. 

Short Contraction

Short contractions activate the fast-twitch muscles used in immediately stopping the flow of urine. Simply tighten those muscles quickly, release, and repeat. Perform this exercise with an empty bladder.

Long Contraction

The long contraction exercise builds supportive strength in your pelvic floor. Use the same muscles as short contractions but gradually tighten, feel like your lifting-up, hold for a few seconds, and then release. 

You may find this exercise challenging to hold for more than a second or two at first. Ultimately, you should be able to hold the contraction for up to ten seconds. Think of it as you would if lifting weights. Work your way up to the heavier barbells gradually.


The key is to start slowly and increase your repetitions as you get stronger. Five repetitions of each exercise three times per day is a healthy initial goal. Increase your repetitions as your ability to hold the long contraction improves. Aim for ten repetitions in each set as your daily routine.

Keep in mind that the quality of repetitions is more important than the number. Performing these exercises correctly and regularly should lead to an improvement in a few months.

The Results

How will you know if these exercises are working? It’s not like you can look in the mirror to see the results. With Kegels, you’ll feel the results, and they may not be obvious. Your significant other may notice some of the effects before you do.

The first result will be not having to use the restroom as often. The muscles controlling your bladder are stronger, and you’ll be able to “hold it” longer. You’ll also be able to squeeze your bladder more tightly to empty it entirely during urination. 

What about the bedroom? 

Your BC muscle controls and maintains the blood flow in your nether regions. It’s also the muscle that contracts during the release of ecstasy. Put simply, a stronger BC muscle pushes blood to where you need it most and keeps it there longer. When it finishes that job, your BC will contract with its newly found strength creating a more pleasurable experience.

If you seek strength and stamina “down there,” Kegels are one way to help improve your intimate health.

What Else Can You Do?

Kegels strengthen the muscles, but there’s more than a single solution to peak intimate health. You wouldn’t go to the gym regularly without considering proper nutrition.

Revactin, the nutraceutical for your nether regions, supplements your Kegel workout. If, after reading this, you decide Kegels aren’t for you, why not at least give your cells a boost with Revactin? 

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Live your best life by adding Revactin to your daily routine. Oh, and throw in a few Kegels for good measure. 

Take care, even down there.

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