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Happy 50th Birthday! Mother Nature Has a Few Gifts for You

Okay, maybe you’re not quite turning fifty, or perhaps you already unwrapped some of Mother Nature’s gifts of aging. Either way, she’s coming for you!

Our youth is a time of strength and invincibility. Our bodies are lean, flexible, and resilient. We can stay out late, eat fast food, have an extra couple of beers, recover quickly, and for the most part, do whatever we want.

Then, one day, we feel age creeping into our joints without notice. Gray hairs seemingly multiple overnight, and our muscles slowly atrophy from toned to, let’s call it, “less perky.” The onset of these mind and body transformations may occur gradually, but we notice them suddenly. From that point forward, it becomes hard not to see them.

At fifty and beyond, various physical and mental indications of aging appear. If aging gracefully, or better yet, stubbornly, is our goal, the time for action is now. Sure, we can dye our hair and go on a diet, but Father Time is undefeated.

We bet you didn’t realize that Mother Nature and Father Time are a married couple. They should be in one of those Progressive commercials.

  • Arthritis – That pain we feel in our joints when getting out of bed is likely osteoarthritis, and this type of arthritis involves the deterioration of cartilage between the bones.


  • Brain fog – We begin to lose our train of thought more easily and have trouble recalling words and names. This mental uncertainty and lack of clarity are common in men over fifty due to age-related hormonal changes.


  • Digestive issues – Remember when you could eat anything you wanted? Eating certain foods becomes uncomfortable due to muscle weakness in the digestive tract. Digestive problems like heartburn and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) become more common as we age.


  • Growing prostate – Hopefully, your doctor has tiny fingers! Occurring primarily in men over 50, our prostates grow and cause difficulties urinating as we age. Prostate cancer is a slow killer that we should not ignore.


  • Flat butt  – Whether from years of sitting in a desk chair or hormonal changes, fat migrates from back to front as we age. It’s one of the common causes of “dad bod.”


  • Wrinkles – When testosterone levels drop, our facial skin dries out and thins. This drying effect, combined with the migration downward of the fat in our faces, causes our skin to lose elasticity, and wrinkles appear.


  • Alcohol tolerance – Our livers gradually lose the ability to metabolize alcohol, and we slowly become lightweights. Not only does it take fewer drinks to get tipsy, but hangovers and our ability to recover from them worsen significantly.


  • Low T – Middle age is when our hormones tend to be less stable, and testosterone levels drop considerably as we age. It’s why we lose muscle, energy, and our sex drive wanes.


  • Erectile dysfunction – A 1999 survey from the University of Chicago reported that men in their 50s are three and a half times more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

The gifts of aging don’t come with receipts

Unfortunately, Father Time doesn’t have a return policy. The good news is that he runs slowly with the robe, sandals, long beard, and clock around his neck.

By exercising regularly, eating healthily, and taking dietary supplements, it’s possible to delay the effects of aging. The secrets in the fight against aging are maintaining muscle mass, increasing blood flow, achieving flexibility, and reducing inflammation.

It’s never too late to make a few changes that can impact your quality of life.


Take care, even down there.

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