It’s summer again and, of course, everyone is thinking about vacations. The difference is that there’s a lot more to consider now when planning your vacation. We’re seeing two very strong trends brought on by the current health situation and each of them warrants a good look. We are talking about driving vacations and staycations. 


Driving vacations have always been an important and staple part of the American holiday diet. Who doesn’t have some memory of a great road trip with friends and family, seeing a new part of the country through the window of your trusted vehicle? The good news is with restrictions on flying and the ability to control your travel companions, driving vacations are rapidly becoming the preferred choice this year. 

There are serious advantages to a domestic road trip, especially at the moment. First, you get to control your travel environment, both in terms of the people you are exposed to and the vehicle you are traveling in. You can make your vehicle as safe and clean as you want without relying on others. You can pack it with all the things you need – chargers, wipes, snacks, devices  – and carry as much gear as you need or want. You have complete control over your itinerary – you decide when to start and when to stop, where to go and what to see. Granted you can’t control traffic but you can stay an extra night or leave early – it is completely up to you. Gas is cheap, America is big and you are only restricted by your imagination. 

Here is a great list of tips to make your driving vacation a safe and happy one. And if you don’t already have ideas about where to go, this is a list of some classic budget road trips that will provide memories for years. 


The staycation is back, in a very big way. Where else can you save money, control your environment and feel safe all at the same time? The list of advantages the staycation offers is really impressive. First and foremost let’s talk about cost. The savings on airfares, hotels, taxis, rental cars, gas, tipping, tour fees, visas, sports equipment rental, travel insurance and countless other costs associated with the classic vacation can quickly add up to a very substantial amount. You can take those savings and splurge on some items. For example, you could take the opportunity to sample some local fine dining options you had always wondered about. You could buy some camping or sports equipment that you have always wanted. And, after being stuck at home for months studying every inch of our houses, many of us can unleash home DIY renovations- not exactly a vacation but it could be equally as rewarding.

There are other advantages to the staycation that you probably haven’t thought about. A staycation is less stressful and allows you the flexibility to change itinerary at will. You can end up in your own familiar and comfortable bed at the end of each day, leaving you more rested. You won’t need to leave a pet or dependent loved one behind. You will be supporting local and regional businesses. You will be getting to know your local area and you may be surprised how much more interesting it is than you first imagined. And finally, you will be in a much better position to cope with changes in weather and travel conditions. 

Here’s a link to some really great staycation ideas – enjoy!