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The Top 6 Bedroom Concerns for Men

Every man has a little neurosis when it comes to the bedroom. Whether it’s our insecurities or lofty expectations, our minds tend to dwell on possible shortcomings and performance issues. This lack of confidence often creates a self-fulfilling prophecy leading us down a path filled with roadblocks to living our best lives.

Where does all this insecurity come from, and how do we separate myth from reality?

Most of our problems exist because of the images on our screens. The ideal leading man in movies has a Greek god’s body with a square jawline and perfect hair. The normal-looking guy appears as the sidekick or harmless friend of the equally hot co-star. What we don’t see is that the Chris Hemsworths of the world fast for days, workout, and take a diuretic before the big shirt-off love scene.

Other images from the more graphic style that we watch primarily in our computer screens’ privacy depict men more “gifted” than the average man. These fellas lack a single follicle of body hair and have the stamina of the Energizer bunny. We don’t see the pre-performance pump, multiple takes, and wince when the razor nicks a sensitive area.

Instead of comparing ourselves to the male version of a Barbie doll, let’s address some of the biggest bedroom concerns for men.

Thick around the middle

Are you fat-shaming yourself? Most men find themselves with a dad bod eventually. A healthy body fat range for most men is between ten and twenty-five percent. Where you stand in that range depends on your age, genetics, and level of physical activity. If you’re over fifty, the higher end of the spectrum is most likely.

Did you notice that we referred to healthy body fat percentage and not most attractive? Oddly enough, one study shows that a body mass index (BMI) of twenty-six is considered most attractive. That means that technically overweight men appear handsome to most people. 

Okay, we’re about to burst your chubby Adonis bubble. The study further indicates that larger men with muscles are most desirable. What you need to remember is that if you’ve made it to the bedroom, you’ve already passed the test.

Smooth or hairy

Is body hair attractive, or should I break out the clippers? We’re not talking about beards or a thinning mane on your head. The body hair we refer to is manly chest hair and the personal grooming below the belly button. Unless you’re a competitive swimmer, shaving your legs is probably a no-go for dudes. 

Men’s Journal surveyed 105 women with the question, “Do you find body hair attractive?” Of the respondents, 73% said they dig body hair, and only 27% claim to prefer a hairless man. The consensus seemed to lean toward grooming but not shaving your delicate regions. In general, keep it somewhere between Sasquatch and Peter Pan.

The big question

Does size matter? Not nearly as much as you think! Researchers around the world conducted multiple surveys asking about the size of a prospective partner’s manhood. Overall, only one percent of those surveyed report length as “very important,” and over half acknowledged that it doesn’t matter at all.

According to a study in the British Journal of Urology International, the average measurement of a man’s best friend is 5.16 inches. If you’re packing 6.3 inches or more, that puts you in the ninety-fifth percentile. Most of you worried about coming up short are probably smiling with that news.

On the clock

How long should your average session last? Interestingly, the statistics on time before launch have evolved over the years. In 1948, Alfred Kinsey reported that seventy-five percent of men finished within the first two minutes. A 2005 study found that men make it 5.4 minutes on average.

The next time your partner says there’s not enough time for a quick romp, tell them the research says we only need five minutes.

Sharing the love

Did your partner get the full experience? This one depends on what kind of relationship you have with your counterpart.

If you’re in a long-term relationship, studies show your connection is more emotional than physical. A romantic partner wants you to be attentive and show affection. Sure, a little shiver now and then goes a long way, but that’s not always necessary.

On the other hand, if you swiped right and are getting busy with a stranger, you better bring some soul-shaking energy. You’re both there to “get yours,” so there’s some added pressure. Don’t worry too much, though. What are the chances you see them again?

Feeling the pressure, or not

Will you be up to the task? Probably the number one bedroom concern for men is reaching their full capacity. Did you know that over fifty percent of all men experience blood flow difficulties at least occasionally?

Yeah, even a young guy might have a few too many cocktails and struggle getting his soldier to stand at attention. After it happens the first time, you start worrying about it happening again. As anyone familiar with the experience can relate, once it’s in your head, you’re done!

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Take care, even down there.