The Top 10 Healthy Habits for Men Over 60

You’re not a kid anymore, so you may want to consider adopting a few healthy habits and eliminating poor behaviors. Okay, maybe not wipe out the bad stuff entirely but at least cut back a bit. A guy still needs to have some fun sometime!

When you hit sixty, life changes seem to come at you more quickly than in previous decades. Not only do some of your earlier forays begin to catch up with you, but retirement is just around the corner. You’re likely to have some time on your hands, and wouldn’t you rather spend it outside of a doctor’s office or hospital?

We’re not saying it’s time to replace your beer and chicken wings with yoga and a kale smoothie, but a brisk daily walk and occasional salad wouldn’t hurt.

After age sixty, healthy habits move away from prevention and lean towards maintenance. You must start listening to your body and your doctor. More than anytime in your life, the philosophy of “use it or lose it” applies to your mind and body.

If you’re thinking, “Here we go with another diet and exercise lecture,” we’ve got a surprise for you. Those habits are essential, but the chances that you change from Archie Bunker to Jack LaLanne at this point are slim at best.

Here are the top 10 healthy habits (excluding diet and exercise) for men over 60:

  1. Get vaccinated! Now more than ever, it’s vital that you get your shots. If you haven’t received a COVID vaccination, schedule it today. After age 60, it’s for your shingles and pneumonia vaccines. Also, you should be vaccinated annually for the flu and every ten years for tetanus. There’s not an easier way to protect yourself than keeping up with your shots.
  2. Visit your doctor regularly. You should get screened for diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and various other diseases regularly. Early detection leads to the highest rate of success in treating every disease or condition. Along with visiting your healthcare professional, be sure to follow his or her advice, take your medications as prescribed, and ask questions.
  3. Pay attention to your body. When you see a weird-looking mole or feel like you pee more than you should, don’t shrug it off. Men, especially older ones, tend to ignore symptoms until they become unbearable. There’s a fine line between toughness and stupidity. It’s better to hear “it’s nothing” from your doctor than “there’s nothing we can do at this point.”
  4. Take time to rest. When we say rest, we mean sleep, not sitting in your La-Z-Boy watching the news all day. Proper sleep hygiene for men over 60 is at least seven hours per night and ideally eight to nine. Try to sleep on a regular pattern as much as possible and pay attention to excessive snoring. Snoring is a sign of sleep apnea and should be addressed with your doctor.
  5. Challenge your brain. Your brain loves problems and puzzles. A healthy brain is one that continuously learns new things. Our brains never stop making new neural connections and can grow as we age. Think of your brain as a muscle and give it a daily workout. Try watching Jeopardy instead of reruns of Gilligan’s Island.
  6. Cut back on the booze. Having an occasional cocktail or glass of wine with dinner is fine, but excessive alcohol consumption ages a man quickly. Our tolerance for alcohol lessens as we age, so you probably don’t need to drink as much as you used to. Drug and alcohol use is often responsible for low testosterone levels and less formidable performance in the bedroom.
  7. Remain productive. Build new habits that keep you active and engaged. Productivity doesn’t need to be work, but it could be volunteering or picking up a hobby. Retiring and having extra time can lead to boredom. Boredom causes you to become sedentary, and that will make you old before your time.
  8. Have a social life. Something we tend not to consider when deciding to retire is how much we interact with people at work. A study published by Harvard Medical School shows that relationships later in life are vital to boosting longevity and improved well-being. Replace your work socialization by joining a hobby group, sports club, or volunteer organization.
  9. Stay frisky! Since you’re out there being social, don’t forget to keep busy in the art of seduction. A study from The American Journal of Cardiology discovered that a roll in the hay at least twice a week helps protect against cardiovascular disease. The next time your partner says they’re not in the mood, tell them your heart needs it. The main reason for older men not engaging in regular sex is a lack of function. Hmm, I wonder how we can fix that problem?
  10. Supplement your lifestyle. The older we get, the more critical vitamin and herbal supplements become to our health. Our bodies don’t perform as they used to, and we aren’t getting the complete nutrition necessary from our diet. Do you know that over half of all Americans over 45 take a daily vitamin, and the percentage increases with age?

If you already take a multivitamin for general health, why aren’t you taking one for your specific area of concern?

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