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How to Slow Down the Aging Process and Boost Longevity at Any Stage of the Game

Life is like poker. It’s easy to believe there comes a time when you play the cards you’re dealt. You’re not quite ready to fold, but the stack of chips in front of you seems to be dwindling. Maybe just cash in and watch the action from the rail.

What if we told you that you could throw two cards back and almost assuredly pull a couple of aces from the deck? All of a sudden, you’re able to play without hesitation and dominate the table. Using experience as an asset, your game is re-energized. You’re back, baby!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, you’re already holding aces but may not know it yet.

When we say, “Slow the aging process and boost longevity,” what we mean is that the aging process is more in your control than you realize. The keys to boosting longevity are eating better food, eating less often, exercise moderately, increasing your blood flow, and getting the proper amount of sleep. Longevity is more than tacking a few more years on at the end. It’s improving the quality of your life by injecting energy and vitality every day.

Here we go again! Am I about to read another article about eating more broccoli and joining a gym? Not exactly.

Let’s Talk Quality

By now, you may have read our recent blog posts about changing habits and healthy foods. If you haven’t read the articles, you can check them out here. We’re not going to rehash the same subjects today. Instead, let’s focus on quality.

Better food, less often

Eating better quality food is equally as important as the type of foods you eat. We know you’re not trading in your 16-ounce ribeye for a kale smoothie anytime soon. Have you considered upgrading the quality of your meat, vegetables, and oils?

According to Nutrition Journal, grass-fed beef contains a significantly higher content of fatty acids and antioxidants than grain-fed/finished meat. Industrial beef fattens their cows with corn and soy, making them sick, requiring loads of antibiotics. Those unnecessary antibiotics end up inside you.

Organically grown vegetables haven’t received a coating of toxic, possibly carcinogenic chemicals. Also, try to eat seasonally and locally for the best quality fruits and vegetables. Better yet, eat food grown in your garden to receive the additional benefits of sunshine (vitamin D), fresh air, and physical activity.

One of the top culprits, along with sugar, making us sick over the last fifty years are industrial seed oils. You know them as canola, soybean, corn, safflower, and cottonseed oils. Despite the marketing as “heart-healthy,” seed oils are making you sick. These oils are in everything we buy in a box or wrapper and responsible for severe inflammation and the incidence of chronic diseases. Replace these unhealthy oils with quality olive oil or good old-fashioned butter (the real stuff, not margarine). For more options, take a look at Healthy Cooking Oils – The Ultimate Guide from Healthline.

We know what you’re thinking, “All these foods are more expensive!” While it’s true that these foods can get pricey, it leads us to the second part of our food conversation. Eat less often.

When you eat higher quality food, it’s more nutrient-dense and satiates your hunger longer. The truth about your diet is that you likely eat too often anyway. We’ve discussed intermittent fasting in our newsletter. Do you get our newsletter? If not, sign up here.

Intermittent fasting requires an entire article on its own. Look for it in the coming weeks.

Exercise moderately

We’ll keep it simple when it comes to exercise—not engaging in some physical activity and becoming sedentary keeps you from living a higher quality of life. It’s not necessary to sign up for the Ironman or join CrossFit. Recent study results indicate that high levels of intense exercise may actually reduce your longevity.

The benefits of a brisk daily walk and light resistance training a few times a week is tremendously helpful to slow down the aging process. Once again, it’s the quality of your activity, not necessarily the quantity. Keeping your muscles active and limber promotes blood flow.

Increase blood flow

The circulatory system is the fuel line of your body. When you have difficulty getting fuel to any part of your body, there’s a problem. If you want to slow down the aging process, keep your fuel lines pumping.

Eating better and exercising are the best ways to keep your blood flowing in general, but what about where you need it most? We’re talking about the kind of blood flow that keeps you feeling young. You know what we mean. Blood flow “down there.”

It’s a matter of science: sexual activity helps men live longer, happier lives. Since we’re talking quality, Revactin is the nutraceutical for your nether regions. A doctor-formulated super-supplement, Revactin, comprises only four natural ingredients and amino acids that boost nitric oxide (blood flow) and improve libido.

Can you think of a better way to enhance the quality of life at any age than having the energy and vitality of greater intimate health?

Proper sleep

Finally, after having a good meal, taking a nice walk, and topping it off with a little roll in the hay, you’re ready to get some sleep.

Like exercise, sleep in moderation. We all know that too little sleep is bad for you, but too much is not good either. The sweet spot for adults is 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep per night.

The best sleep occurs when you finish eating at least three hours before bed, turn off electronics (including TV) thirty minutes prior to sleep, and you’re asleep 85% of the time in bed. How you spend that other 15% is up to you, but some activities lead to better sleep than others. You probably can imagine what we recommend.

Stay in the game

In poker, you’re not going to win every hand. In life, you’ll stumble a bit by grabbing some fast food, having a lazy day, or staying out late. Perfection is impossible, so give yourself a break occasionally and play the long game.

Try not to let a bad hand or a bad day ruin your game. We should aim to play the game of life at a high level for as long as possible. Age is only a number when you maintain your weight, engage in physical activity, and care for yourself.

And remember, for intimate health, Revactin is your ace in the hole.


Take care, even down there.

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